Want to breastfeed but need a little help?

Want to breastfeed but need a little help?


Many of us have heard that breastfeeding is best but once we are home with our babies it's not as easy as we had hoped. Help is here when you need it. As a Registered Nurse and IBCLC I can provide full service lactation services in the comfort of your home or virtually if you prefer.


Need breastfeeding support? As an IBCLC for 5 years I have had the pleasure of supporting hundreds of women in their breastfeeding journey. As well, I have been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years, and breastfed my 4 children. I would love the opportunity to support you as well.

I am able to do both virtual and in-person consults in my office. Visits are scheduled as needed.

Lactation consults are reimbursable by most insurance companies. I can directly bill Aetna and Humana. Medicaid does not reimburse for lactation consults in Georgia at this time.

  • In office consults $75.00 (currently on Saturdays in Fairburn GA)
  • In Home and VIrtual Consults $220.00 (these last between 1.5-2 hours)

In need of reduced cost/free lactation services? > learn more

Back to Work Lactation Consults

Returning to work soon? Have questions about milk storage, protecting your milk supply, or which breast pump to purchase? Book a virtual back to work consult today (one-hour). This includes a plan for pumping, watching a pumping session to ensure correct fit of pump parts and addressing any back to work concerns.

When do you need to call a lactation consultant?

  • If you have any nipple pain -  breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt!
  • Baby can’t latch on the breast or falls off the breast
  • Not enough weight gain or not enough wet or dirty diapers
  • Baby is on the breast for long periods of time (45+ minutes) after day 2 or constantly wants to feed (every hour or more)
  • Baby does not seem satisfied after feedings
  • Redness, pain or swelling in the breast
  • If you are feeding twins (or more!)



Most insurance companies cover free personal-use breast pumps. We can help you obtain your free insurance breast pump. Complete the contact form below to get yours today.


We also rent Ameda Elite hospital grade breast pumps. This pump is highly effective and low cost and can be used as long as needed to protect the milk supply. The kit that goes with the pump is a one time purchase of $50.00. If you have received a kit in the NICU and it is for a Ameda breast pump it will work with the Ameda Elite breast pump.

Want to know if a hospital grade breast pump is right for you? > learn more about our hospital grade breast pumps.


$20 / week, rented for 2 weeek increments only. Your credit card will be kept on file and charged at the beginning of the 2-week schedule until you return the pump. You can rent the pump using a Health Savings Account, and pump rentals may be reimbursable by some private insurers.

Pumps can be picked up or delivered for a fee depending on mileage.

When do you need a hospital grade breast pump rental?

  • Your baby is in the neonatal ICU or your baby is not latching on your breast at all.
  • Your baby is latching but not effectively as in the case of jaundice and you need to maintain your milk supply while working on the baby’s latch.
  • Your milk supply is low and working together with baby’s latch we also need to increase supply.


We offer private in home or virtual childbirth education classes for families. Do you want one on one childbirth education in the privacy of your home? My private childbirth classes are also a good fit if you have experienced a previous birth trauma and want to freely discuss your unique needs in confidence. Your class will be 100% crafted to your specific needs based on a survey completed before we begin.

I believe all women need a positive birth experience no matter how, where, or what type of birth they choose. I would love to help you plan your birth. I use the Lamaze approach to childbirth classes because it is evidence-based, appropriate for any type of birth plan and focuses on helping you make informed decisions and advocate for yourself.

$150.00 per session (2 days). Reimbursable by most private insurers.

I am committed to making childbirth education accessible to all women. Learn more about my  non-profit organization Ready Set Push and our work in the community.

Interested in a group class and have a group of couples you’d like to do class with? Contact me for more info.


I have been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years. I've been a teen mom, NICU mom, single mom, working mom, and a married mom. My experience as a mother is helpful as I provide you with support. I have been an IBCLC for 5 years helping hundreds of families meet their breastfeeding goals. In 2018 I was awarded the March of Dimes Nurse of the Year Award for my work with Amerigroup leading their lactation program.

I am dedicated to supporting all women but have a special interest in the underserved community. I recently founded a non profit Ready Set Push with the goal of increasing access to quality childbirth education in the community.

Kiana Ayers RN Lactation Support
Kiana Ayers IBCLC RN
Kiana Ayers RN Lactation Support
lactation consultant review

"Kiana gave us the needed strength in all the unexpected challenges that popped up with breastfeeding. From the day after birth consulting in our home, to the group setting of the breast feeding class she teaches, she provides critical info and tips to ensure success!"

- Joni Edmonds

lactation consultant review

"Just before my daughter was born, I attended Kiana's (very informative) breastfeeding class, confirming what I already knew--she would be my lactation consultant. I told her that I would be calling her from my bedside...and I did! My daughter was born with BCLP (we did not know previously) and Kiana has been instrumental in building my confidence in being able to nurse her. Her passion is so evident and she truly wants to see her mommies and babies succeed. I am thankful that her purpose was aligned with the will on my family's lives as it was truly a divine appointment. I look forward to continuing our relationship as my daughter prepares for lip surgery. Trusting your lactation care to Kiana is a win-win for your birth plan and she will truly be your loudest supporter!"

- Mels

lactation consultant review

"Kiana was such a blessing to my family. Her birth class was very hands on and informative for me and my husband. She explained each stage of labor in detail and got me prepared for delivery day. Her lactation class was also very hands on and informative for a first time mom like me. Breastfeeding was not easy for me but she was always there to answer my calls, texts, and she even made a home visit after the baby was born to assist me with my breastfeeding woes. Because of her I am now 4 months in exclusively breastfeeding, I am so thankful for her."

- Tina

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